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Latex Mattress Buying Guide

Why Latex

Latex mattresses offer a more responsive, traditional feel with better support compared to other mattresses. They also can be very eco-friendly when composed of only natural latex. So with that in mind, it’s easy to see that latex is inherently hypoallergenic because of the simple, natural ingredients. It’s made by processing the sap from a rubber tree and it results in a very neutral sleeping surface.

Latex vs Memory Foam

Memory foam reacts with your body’s heat and its firmness changes based on your temperature. Latex doesn’t suffer from this limitation. Instead, it’s a temperature neutral product that maintains a consistent, unchanging feel.

Latex vs Coil spring

Coil spring mattresses are often a primary source of discomfort at night. The coils (pocketed or not) cannot match the ability of a latex mattress to conform to even the slightest, smallest curves. Instead, the coils are limited by their size and material properties.

Latex vs Air Mattresses

Air mattresses allow you to change the firmness of the bed. However, once you find that specific firmness, you probably will not adjust it again. Comfort can be achieved by customizing a latex mattress to the firmness you specify without worrying about the moving parts and warranties of an air bed.

Latex Type

Synthetic vs. Natural

The difference between synthetic and natural latex begins with the origin of the compound. Natural latex is recovered from the sap of a rubber tree while synthetic latex is created in a chemical lab. The end result is a natural rubber compound that is processed and rinsed to leave behind a hypoallergenic latex mattress. Some mattresses have a blend of synthetic and natural latex. This is adequate for most consumers. However, the best results tend to lean toward a natural latex product.

Talalay vs. Dunlop

Talalay and Dunlop refer to the process used to make the latex. Dunlop used to be the traditional process. Born from research and improvements, the Talalay marks a change toward improved consistency and wider range of firmness ratings measured by Indentation Load Deflection (ILD). Lower ILD numbers (19ILD) represent a softer, cushioned feel while higher numbers (44ILD) represent a firmer, more supportive feel. If you or your significant other suffer from back pain, you’ll probably be better off with a more supporting firmness.

Mattress Cover

Many mattresses differ in their cover. Although design and appearance is important, remember you’ll be covering this with sheets. The most important part of this aspect is to keep the mattress as close to a natural and breathable composition as possible. Look for organic cotton or bamboo. These materials offer the best qualities. It’s also a good idea to select a mattress with a removable & washable cover.

Where to buy

Pick a reputable company to purchase from. Look for reviews about the company and mattress online before you buy. Reputable companies will often have similar policies. There’s a list of uncommon advantages that you can look for to help you decide.

Trial Period – Does the company offer a trial period? Keep in mind that the industry standard is 90 days. Usually you’ll have to pay for return shipping (approx. $200-$250 for Queen/King size mattress). If you see a company that offers free return shipping, you can bet that the cost is padded into their sales price. Don’t expect to be able to return accessories or foundations. Don’t deal in the grey areas. Only purchase from a company that clearly states the specifics of their trial period and return instructions.

Third-Party Verified Reviews – Does the company have any customer reviews that are verified by a third party? Search for reviews about the company or the specific mattress on Google to see if there’s any outside reviews (not on the company’s website).

Layer Exchanges – Specifically related to latex mattresses: Ask the company if they offer exchanges for the individual layers in your mattress.

Customer Service – Is their customer service department or a representative easily accessible?

Keep an eye out for these things, and you’ll easily be able to determine the best retailer for your new mattress, especially if you’re buying online.

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