Featured Can You Save & Sleep Better? We Compare Amerisleep & Tempurpedic

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Can You Save & Sleep Better? We Compare Amerisleep & Tempurpedic

Does money buy comfort when it comes to mattresses, or can you save and sleep better? To put this question to the ultimate test in the bedroom, we compare the leading luxury brand of memory foam mattresses, Tempurpedic, with a more affordable up-and-comer, Amerisleep. Both companies provide memory foam beds with similar constructions, but differ on key features and price.

Tempurpedic vs Amerisleep: Does Price Equate to Satisfaction?

We have chosen to compare two models from each company, the least expensive option and the most popular model. The data includes reviews and rankings from owners drawn primarily from the retailer websites, as well as product descriptions. Both websites allow open reviews, and Amerisleep also has 3rd party verification to identify actual purchasers. Price, comfort, durability/longevity, breathability, pain relief, and overall consumer satisfaction are some of the items we took into consideration for the comparisons.

Least Expensive Memory Foam Mattresses

The entry-level models for each brand are the Amerisleep Columbus mattress and the Tempurpedic Simplicity Each feature an 8″ profile with 2″ of memory foam over a 6″ core

Amerisleep Columbus Bed

  • Queen Price – $849
  • 4.5 /5 star rating    (from 37 reviews).
  • 95% would recommend this bed.
  • Pros – comfortable (92%), good support (92%), holds shape (78%), soft feel, and durable. About half of reviewers specifically mentioned pain relief, only one mentioned pain since using the bed. Several mention good service experiences as well.
  • Cons – 8% of reviewers found the bed to be too firm, and 5% (2 reviewers) mention a heat retention.

Tempurpedic Simplicity Bed

  • Queen Price – $1099
  • 3.0 /5 star rating    (from 19 reviews).
  • 74% would recommend this bed.
  • Pros – 70% say good value, 60% say comfortable and meets expectations.
  • Cons – 37% of reviewers specifically mention the Simplicity bed causing more pain. A couple reviewers mention heat retention causing excess sweating which led to mold with an overall heat complaint rate of 15%. Surprisingly, also 16% mentioned an issue with service.

Most Popular Memory Foam Mattresses

The most popular model from Amerisleep is the Revere and from Tempurpedic the Rhapsody.  Both beds a mid-range models with 12″ profiles and similar specifications.

Amerisleep Revere Bed

  • Queen Price – $1299
  • 4.7 /5 star rating    (from 126 reviews).
  • 97% would recommend this bed.
  • Pros – comfortable (92%), good support (94%), holds shape (83%).
  • Cons – 8% of reviewers say too firm and 2% mention issues with compression. Heat was mentioned as a negative in only 1 of 126 reviews.

Tempurpedic TEMPUR-Rhapsody Bed

  • Queen Price – $3199
  • 3.0 /5 star rating    (from 82 reviews).
  • 67% would recommend this bed.
  • Pros – comfortable (68%), meets expectations (70%).
  • Cons – 6% of reviewers say too firm and 8% mention issues with compression.  10% of reviewers mention excessive heat retention.

Amerisleep vs Tempurpedic Comparison Summary

 Taking both mattress comparisons and the reviews into consideration, we put together a graded scorecard for both brands summarizing our findings. The accompanying chart can help you compare the luxury brand, Tempurpedic, and the more affordable alternative, Amerisleep,  to determine whether you can sleep better and save money.

  Amerisleep Tempurpedic
Owner Satisfaction A C
Average Review 4.7 / 5 3.0 / 5
Recommend Rate 96% 71%
Construction A A
Longevity B+ B-
Pain Reduction A C
Pressure Relief A A
Comfortable A D
Motion Transfer A A
Responsiveness A C
Sleeping Hot A C
Offgassing/Odor A- B
Availability B A
Warranty B+ A
Customer Service B+ B-
Price $849 / $1299 $1099 / $3199

Both Amerisleep and Tempurpedic feature similar mattress construction (all foam) and received similar scores for relieving pressure, preventing motion transfer, and longevity. However, the reviews differed on key areas likely due to to the  materials used to create their memory foam mattresses and perceived value.

Amerisleep uses plant-based memory foam which has a response rate of 6-8 seconds, features a large open cell structure, and is temperature neutral. The plant-based material has been shown to be more breathable than traditional memory foam and is certified free of harmful VOCs and other toxins sometimes associated with memory foam. Between the two models, less than 2% of owners complain of heat issues, which is less than the number of traditional innerspring owners who complain. Overall, reviewers rated both Amerisleep beds significantly higher (4.7 stars vs 3.0 stars), 25% more said the would recommend to a friend (96% vs 71%) and 28% more said Amerisleep beds were comfortable (92% vs 64%).

Tempurpedic uses a traditional petroleum-based viscoelastic memory foam. The temperature-sensitive properties and slow response rate can lead both sleepers feeling “trapped” and heat retention, as indicated in the reviews with about 10% of owners reporting excess heat in these two models. Though Tempurpedic mentions that their foam is free of harmful VOCs, CFCs and formaldehyde, people do still mention chemical odors. The other areas of difference included greater mentions of pain with the Simplicity and a slightly higher percentage of people complaining compression with the Rhapsody. Overall, review scores were lower and people were more likely to complain about service in Tempurpedic reviews. On the plus side, Tempurpedic is more widely available and has an additional 5 years of prorated warranty coverage (20 vs 25 years).

While the decision of which mattress is best is inherently a personal one, comparing features and reviews can give shoppers considerably more insight than cost alone. Our comparison of Amerisleep and Tempurpedic goes to show that price does not predict comfort or equate directly to owner satisfaction.

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