Latex Mattress Buying Guide

March 13th, 2012 | by tmgadmin

Why Latex Latex mattresses offer a more responsive, traditional feel with better support compared to other mattresses. They also can [&hellip

Hypoallergenic Mattress Types

September 24th, 2013 | by tmgadmin

If you suffer from skin or environmental allergies, choosing from hypoallergenic mattress types may help reduce symptoms and provide better [&hellip

How is a latex mattress created?

May 2nd, 2013 | by tmgadmin

In order to understand how a latex mattress is made we first need to understand what latex is.  Essentially it [&hellip

FAQs: Latex Mattresses

April 4th, 2012 | by tmgadmin

Latex mattresses have long been the mark of excellence in the bedding industry. Hospitals and medical care facilities prefer latex [&hellip

FAQs: Memory Foam Mattresses

April 4th, 2012 | by tmgadmin

The development of memory foam mattresses has been one of the most exciting innovations every in the bedding industry. As [&hellip

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